Vol. 2: Issue #5: Letter #10 (Previous newsletters available in archives on web site)

Last month (February) is sometimes called the "month of presidents" and several great presidents were born that month among them George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, to name two. But as the recent election proved, America is about all of us...all 281,000,000+. Isn't it a shame that it takes an event of such awesome proportions for some people to realize how truly great America is? We think this message published in the Wall Street Journal by United Technologies, Hartford Connecticut 06101 says it far better than we can.


The Dumbest Person In The World

How dumb?
Very dumb.
It's the
who knocks
what he's got.
Here's what
he's got:
A country of
unbounded beauty.
Almost unlimited
natural resources.
A judicial system
that is the envy
of the rest of
the world.
Food so plentiful
overeating is
a major problem.
A press
nobody can dominate.
A ballot box
nobody can stuff.
Churches of your choice.
One hundred million jobs.
Freedom to go anywhere
you want, with the
planes, cars, highways
to get you there.
Social Security.
Unemployment insurance.
Public schools and
plentiful scholarships.
Opportunity to become a
O.K., Complainer,
What's your

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