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My Heat Pump Blows Cold Air

There are actually two parts to this problem.

                    1. The heat pump really is blowing cold air.
                    2. The customer thinks it is blowing cold air.

The second part is the easiest to answer because it usually only happens to new heat pump owners. The explanation is really quite simple.

Air temperature from heat pumps are much lower than the temperatures from fossil fuel (gas or oil) fired systems. Air temperatures of fossil fuel fired systems range from 130-140 degrees whereas heat pump air temperatures range from 85-92 degrees.

Because your body temperature is 98.6 degrees, obviously 85 degrees would feel cold. However, 85-92 degree air is much warmer than the temperature you are trying to maintain within your home.

To verify the above, try measuring the air temperature at a supply and return register. If there is no difference between the two, then there is a problem.

If the heat pump really is blowing cold air.not putting out any warm air at all there could be several things wrong.

Below is a list of possible causes. Items in blue can be addressed/fixed by homeowner. Items in red usually require a service call.

  • Snow drift/leaves against outdoor unit.
  • Outdoor unit iced up-weather related.
  • Return duct leakage.
  • Cold return temperatures I.e., air handler in attic/crawl space

  • disconnected from unit, pulling in cold air.
  • Thermostat set below 65 degrees.

  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Refrigerant flow related problem
  • Restriction/defective metering device.
  • Poor efficiency-needs cleaning & servicing.
  • Defective reversing valve.
  • Defective compressor valves.
  • Compressor not running
  • Running in A/C mode.
  • Outdoor unit iced up because of a malfunction.
Hope this has been of some assistance, however they are just rough guidelines and not all-possible conditions are covered.

Remember:  The company You Choose To Install and Service Your System Will Determine The Degree of Comfort and Satisfaction You Enjoy.

Excerpts of the preceding information has been compiled by Hannabery HVAC, which has graciously permitted us to include them on this web site as a service for all homeowners.

These "Common HVAC Problems" are provided FREE and as a consequence Climatemakers does not assume any liability resulting from any information we provide.  In all cases where there is any possibility of injury, consequential damage, direct damage to your equipment or when recommended by the equipment manufacturer, your system should be repaired , inspected or maintained by a qualified technician.

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