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"In winter, the simple act of turning up the thermostat, dries out your fact, the wintertime relative humidity in the average house hovers around a bone dry 15%.  By contrast, the average humidity in the Sahara Desert is 25%!"

It's Not The Heat...It's The Humidity

October is a transitional month.  It's a transition from summer to winter...a transition from the cooling season to the heating season.  Its also the transition from too much humidity in the summer to too little humidity in the winter.  The failure to control the humidity in your house summer or winter can bring very unpleasant results.

Because humidity makes you feel warmer, sweltering summer days can be downright miserable.  Drawers stick...doors that are hard to close...mold and mildew are all evidences of too much humidity.  It is readily apparent that keeping humidity down in summer is as important as keeping it up in winter.

Fortunately, the solution for these summertime blues is relatively simple.  A central air conditioner, properly sized for your house, takes care of excess humidity and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.

In winter, just the simple act of turning up the thermostat, starts a chain of events that result in too little humidity and can bring near disastrous results.  That's because warm, dry air acts like a giant sponge that soaks up moisture from every thing it touches.

The evidence is everywhere as your house literally starts coming apart at the seams.  Hardwood floors separate, gaps appear in moldings and furniture and collectibles shrink, warp and crack as moisture is sucked out of them by desert dry air.

Dry skin, chapped lips, respiratory problems that may include clogged sinuses, itchy skin, dry throat coughs, and cracked nasal membranes as well as aggravated symptoms of allergies and asthma can all be the fate of those living in homes with air dryer than the Sahara Desert.  That's why many doctors recommend humidifiers to allergy and asthma sufferers to relieve their symptoms.

Dry air also increases static electricity in your home.  The "zap" that occurs when you walk across a carpet, reach out for the light switch or touch a loved one is not only annoying but the same static electricity can damage computer disks and other equipment that uses magnetic technology.

Summary of some of the effects of dry air:
* Dry skin   * Woodwork and furniture shrinkage
* Chapped lips * Hardwood floor separation
* Clogged sinuses * Piano goes out of tune
* Itchy skin * Wallpaper peels at the edges
* Dry throat coughs * Drawers loosen
* Cracked nasal membranes  * Moldings gap
* Increased risk of bacteria infection * Collectibles shrink, warp and crack
* Aggravated asthma & allergy symptoms * Static Electricity increases

The solution to these and many other similar problems can be accomplished with the installation of a whole-house humidifier.  If you know and insist on a good (not mist or water droplets) humidifier that will safely and automatically replenish the humidity in the air in your house.

Many other advantages accrue in homes when you protect it with air containing the proper humidity. i.e., dry air, absorbing the moisture off your skin has a cooling effect (just the opposite of summer) making you feel cooler than the actual thermostat setting.  Thus a humidifier helps lower fuel bills because humidified air feels warmer.

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