My pilot light keeps going out


Pilot lights do go out. Some people even turn them off in the summer but we think this is a bad practice. Every homeowner should know how to light a pilot. It isn't difficult and it is not dangerous. Instructions are usually found printed on the equipment itself. If your pilot goes out more than once a year, there could be a problem. Below is a list of possible causes. Items in blue can be addressed or fixed by the homeowner. Those in red usually require a service call.


  • Gas shut off


  • Loose thermocouple

  • Defective thermocouple

  • Defective gas valve

  • Poor pilot flame-low pressure or blocked orifice

  • High winds or down drafts


Hope this has been of some assistance, however they are just rough guidelines and not all possible conditions are covered.



The company You Choose To Install and Service Your System Will Determine The Degree of Comfort and Satisfaction You Enjoy.

Excerpts of the preceding information have been compiled by Hannabery HVAC, which has graciously permitted us to include them on this web site as a service for all homeowners.


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