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Beat the Heat Before the Heat Beats You!

Why you shouldn't skip a spring AC "Tune-up/Check-up"

Is your air conditioner up to the task of beating the summer heat? The best way to be sure is to schedule an annual spring tune-up.

Invest Now, Save Later

Although a tune-up for your home cooling unit costs around $100, it's money well spent to help avoid bigger bills later on. Air conditioner installation can set you back anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 depending on the size, efficiency and application of the system. Repairs don't cost quite as much, but they're still more expensive than having someone come in to look at your air conditioner before the first summer heat wave hits.

Comprehensive Checkup

When you schedule a tune-up, look for professionals who offer a thorough inspection. Climatemakers, serves all of South Hampton Roads, and offers a 40+ point checklist that includes but not limited to:

  • • Cleaning
  • • Checking mechanical and electrical parts
  • • Inspecting controls
  • • Check refrigeration charge
  • • Test time delay and refrigeration metering device

These measures ensure that anything that could possibly malfunction during the summer gets checked with a critical eye to determine if it's in working condition.

Fix the Small Problems

There are steps you can take to maintain your AC unit throughout the year such as changing your filters every month to once a year depending on your filtration system, but having a professional come in during the spring can bring to light issues you may never knew were lurking.

Should problems come to light during an inspection, they can be fixed right on the spot or you can schedule service as soon as possible. As with the tune-up, these air conditioning repairs cost much less than a complete installation.

Conserve Energy

An annual AC tune-up includes cleaning of all major components. A clean unit cools more efficiently so that you spend less to keep your home comfortable even in the hottest weather. You'll find yourself staying cool without having to waste energy.

Extend AC Life

Scheduling annual service prolongs the systems life, and can prevent breakdowns at the most inconvenient time…in the heat of the summer.

Don't wait until your AC is on its last leg to call Climatemakers and schedule a spring tune-up. Schedule early to get all the perks of our annual AC tune-up service and save with our early bird spring discount. Contact Climatemakers today to ensure that your home stays cool all summer long.