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Is There Any Such Thing as Total Indoor Comfort?

Why You Want It and How to Get It

Sometimes, a summer walk along the boardwalk doesn't sound as good as a relaxing afternoon at the house. Cold winter winds blowing in from The Chesapeake Bay gives us a perfect excuse for snuggling around the fireplace. You count on your HVAC system to help you weather the seasons at home, and today's technologies can turn that equipment into a dependable source of total indoor comfort all year long.

Not Too Cool, Not Too Warm

Establishing a perfect indoor temperature shouldn't turn into a game of thermostat roulette. The latest home heating and cooling systems work at peak efficiency with variable speed capacities that adjust to required output. Rugged air handlers help equipment perform at its best regardless of busy family traffic coming and going. Every room in the house stays comfortable with consistent temperatures quietly delivered by units that operate on substantially less energy than older systems. When it feels just right inside, that thermostat finally gets the rest it deserves.

Indoor Air That's Good For You

Today's residential HVAC systems work with smart accessories that leave their older cousins in the dust. Traditional filters catch pet hair and carpet fibers, but your house stays cleaner and allergies stay under control with high-tech indoor air quality systems. Air cleaner units provide particle and microorganism filtration throughout your home. Whole-house humidifiers eliminate the dryness that comes with winter heating by maintaining ideal moisture levels. You stay warm and comfortable, and home furnishings enjoy a healthier atmosphere too. Let’s face it no one enjoys getting shocked whenever they reach for a doorknob!

Comfort Zones With Programmable Control

When you're spending an afternoon in one part of the house, every other room should enjoy the same constant temperature. Older systems aren't built to handle the stack effect of cold or warm air in two-story homes and larger houses. The latest HVAC equipment features innovative design and multiple staging capacities that ensure even comfort from room to room without driving up utility bills. Combine this mechanical talent with programmable thermostats, and you have a system that makes every room in the house feel like a personal comfort zone.

It's hard to picture a time when Virginia Beach homes didn't enjoy the heating and air conditioning that we take for granted. Imagine reminiscing about the days when your house got by with a basic HVAC system. If you'd like to learn more about the latest advances in personal comfort and indoor air quality, give us a call here at Climatemakers. We're always happy to share ideas that surround you with the perfect climate inside.