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Why Today's HVAC Techs are Home Comfort Wizards

Getting to Know the Hero in Your Attic

They can warm up the house or restore interior chills. They might do most of their work up in the attic, but they know their way around outside equipment too. From replacing condensers to adjusting dampers, your HVAC technician is a hero both summer and winter. They are an air comfort wizard who works hard to stay on top of his heating and cooling game.

School Is Just the Beginning

A natural ability to handle tools, calculate numbers and withstand extreme temperatures isn't enough to be considered qualified as a certified, licensed HVAC tech. Those talents make the job easier, but it all starts with specialized technical school and on-site job training. Here in Virginia, the state's Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation imposes strict standards on individuals who want to qualify for the journeyman and masters exams. After passing the tests and paying a fee for their state license, a newly certified HVAC pro keeps up with the industry's evolving technology through ongoing educational programs.

It Takes More Than Screwdrivers

Name a hand tool, and the chances are pretty good that your HVAC pro knows how to use it. Tackling today’s complex heating and cooling systems requires sophisticated tools to work on the equipment that most have probably never heard of. That company van in the driveway is loaded with everything from voltmeters and carbon monoxide testers to combustion analyzers and infrared leak detectors. Your home's central heating and air system runs on either water, electricity, gas, or oil and your HVAC tech knows how to service it all without flooding the basement or burning down the house. Once you understand how complex the job can be, it's easier to appreciate the technician in your attic.

We're proud of our team here at Climatemakers because they're the hardest working HVAC technicians in South Hampton Roads. For more than 60 years, our men and women have answered the call to keep homes comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperatures. To all our heroes up in the attic, we salute you, and we truly appreciate your dedication.