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Email Customers Early Bird Special Notice:

As I write this, it's still August and hot…but the calendar tells us that summer's winding down, and the cold days of winter are right around the corner. Labor Day will be here before you know it…then comes the end of vacations, back to school days and before you know it the end of Daylight Saving Time. All of which serves as a reminder to us (and you) that it's time to have your heating system prepared for winter.

If you are a regular reader of this column, you know that we offer a strictly enforced, "early seasonal discount" to perform this essential service for our customers.

PURELY, SELFISH REASONS motivates us to give away so much money (and we hate it!) but to date, we haven't been able to devise any other plan that provides us the time necessary to properly prepare the heating systems for the hundreds of our customers who depend on us each year for this important service.

However, this does make for both of us a "win-win" situation. We win by getting you to order early (and can do more jobs) win, if you order early by getting a $150 value for a lot less money (schedule on line and you will automatically receive an additional $5.00 discount) as you join hundreds of others who every winter, make Climatemakers their contractor of choice.

As always, there is a sliding scale of discounts for early registration beginning with a whopping 40% discount for the earliest registration. You can make your on line reservations by clicking here. To see the sliding scale and the specific definitions of each of the 30+ point's gas tune-up click here or the 40+ point's heat pump tune-up click here.

Ask us about the Dominion Power Tune-Up Rebates now available!

The cost of the "check-up/tune-up" is a small price to pay for superior equipment performance that result in lower energy bills and extended life performance. Remember, THE MAJOR CAUSE OF EQUIPMENT FAILURE IS INADEQUATE MAINTENANCE.

Important Information:

  • If your equipment is currently under a Maintenance Agreement or our First or Second Year Warranty with Climatemakers…you do not need to schedule this tune-up.
  • If your equipment is covered under a Lennox Complete Care Extended Warranty; annual maintenance may be required for repair claims to be covered. Call our office, we can pull your extended warranty certificate and let you know.
  • If your equipment is covered under Climatemakers 2nd through 10th; annual maintenance is required for continued coverage.