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Furnace Services in Virginia Beach

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When the frigid cold of winter makes your home frosty and uninviting, getting your furnace repaired is likely the first thing on your mind. Because we need a dependable source of heat in order to stay comfortable and healthy during winter months, it is vital to maintain a fully functioning furnace. Our team understands this, and always we respond with the urgency appropriate to the situation. From simple repairs to complete system replacements, our highly-skilled and trained staff makes sure you can get the warmth you need so you can go back to enjoying life as usual.

When Climatemakers was established in 1953, we set out with a simple mission in mind: give customers the care they deserve and treat them right. In those days, customer service was not just important, it was a basic assumption of good business. At Climatemakers, we hold true to those values even today, and strive to offer you HVAC services that go beyond modern expectations. We always use premium materials, and we install units from premium name brands. We offer a full range of Virginia Beach furnace repairs, tune-up services, and even new furnace system installations so you can trust us for whatever your home needs.

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Diagnosing and Repairing Furnaces

Furnaces can stop working for a number of reasons. With so many different parts and components working together, even a small problem in one area could cause your entire system to falter. At Climatemakers, we make sure that we effectively and accurately diagnose your problem the first time in order to make sure the repair solution we suggest will get rid of the issue for good. We offer furnace repair service in Virginia Beach for all major makes and models, which means you count on us to fix whatever system you have in your home.

Our furnace repairs include:

  • Cold or lukewarm air
  • Blower fan issues
  • Faulty or failed pilot lights
  • Faulty or failed burners
  • Electrical connection issues
  • Thermostat problems

When a Furnace Replacement & Installation Is Inevitable

Every furnace has a finite lifespan. Some last 10 years. Some last 15 years. Occasionally, a well-maintained, lightly-used furnace will last for 20 years. But no matter how well you care for your system or how high the build quality is, after a while you’re going to need to have the furnace system totally replaced. There are some dangers for pushing a furnace past its expected lifespan. Carbon monoxide leaks and unclean air quality are two dangers to keep in mind. If you have any suspicion about these problems, get your furnace inspected right away.

When the time comes for furnace replacement in Virginia Beach, the team from Climatemakers can outfit you with a brand-new, energy efficient unit which will keep you warm all winter long. We hold all our new furnace installations to the highest standards, ensuring your new system is set up and working correctly.

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