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Indoor Air Quality Services in Virginia Beach

Helping You Achieve a Clean & Healthy Home

Many people suffer from airborne allergens, unaware that their own home may be the root cause of their illness. These contaminants can lead to severe infections and cause chronic health conditions. In no way would we suggest against a professional doctor's prescription, but far too often many people self-medicate, relying on popular over-the-counter drugs to treat the issues caused by an unhealthy environment. Why would you spend more money on medicine to treat an issue rather than correct the cause?

At Climatemakers, we believe that addressing the quality of the air in your home can make all the difference. As professionals in the HVAC industry, our job is to help you understand that there is a solution. Our Virginia Beach indoor air quality specialists can assess your home’s air supply and determine the best way to improve it.

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What Leads to Poor Air Quality?

Though we cannot generally see them, there are countless microscopic particles present in the air you breathe, both inside and outside.

The three main categories of pollutants that can lead to poor indoor air quality are:

  • Particulates: Human skin, dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen.
  • Microbial: Bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If left untreated, the problem can grow, literally!
  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds): Formaldehyde, chlorine, sulfur, ammonia, carbon monoxide, etc. When some of these agents combine, they can produce even more dangerous compounds.

These contaminants can be found in almost all homes today, often trapped in materials like carpet, hardwood floors, and drywall. They are also found in cleaning supplies, grooming products, and pesticides. Even your gas oven/range can discharge dangerous gas while you're cooking.

How to Eliminate Pollutants

These pollutants cannot be eliminated by ordinary disposable filters. To be fair, these filters were never designed to provide you with health improvement. They simply help protect the equipment by capturing large particulates. Fine particulates, microbes, and VOCs are able to pass through, allowing the air system to broadcast them throughout your home.

Filters come in different models and are rated by their efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the more effective they are at removing or destroying pollutants in your home.

Some of the most common types of filters and systems we install include:

  • Fiberglass filters
  • Pleated paper filters
  • Electrostatic filters
  • Healthy Climate® 11 Media Air Cleaner
  • Healthy Climate® 16 Media Air Cleaner
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • RGF Reme Halo
  • RGF Guardian
  • Trane CleanEffects™
  • PureAir™ air purification system




Serving customers throughout Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, Climatemakers is prepared to help you tackle your air quality problem and install an effective system in your home.

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