How Airflow Can Make a Difference in Your Home in Virginia Beach, VA

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Airflow refers to the amount of air that comes into and leaves the HVAC system in your home – and that amount of air needs to balance. When air balances, your entire house in Virginia Beach, VA, cools equally. Problems with your airflow can result from problems with your internal ductwork and the return and supply air vents.

Problems With Your Ductwork

The ductwork of your HVAC supplies air to all the rooms in your home. If any of the ducts leaks, cooled or warm air fails to get to some rooms in your house. When that happens, some rooms will be warmer than others in your home. The leaky ducts may also pull in dust from the attic and blow that dust through the supply vents.

Leaking ductwork can cause some rooms in your home to end up dusty. This affects the air quality and, consequently, the comfort in those rooms. The filter in your air conditioner will also attract more dirt and will need to be replaced more frequently.

When the ductwork has leaks and some rooms don’t get enough cooling or heating, the HVAC system runs longer to try and heat or cool those rooms to the temperature set on the thermostat. This means more energy use and higher utility bills. If you notice some rooms are dusty or some rooms are warmer than others, you need to call a professional to help you seal the ducts. Professionals use mastic tape to seal the ducts and to improve airflow.

Issues With Supply and Return Air Vents

The supply vents blow cold air into a room. If your supply ducts are small for your rooms, the AC will have to run longer to supply air to all the rooms in your house. While the room may still cool as needed, the AC needs more energy to supply the needed air.

The supply air vents may also be blocked. If furniture or drapes cover the air vent, the airflow to some rooms will suffer. Ensure there’s sufficient space near the vents so that there’s free flow of air.

Again, if the grill of the vents are dirty, it reduces the amount of air delivered to your the room. Clean the vents to facilitate airflow. However, if your vents are small for your room, you need a service technician to help you size them better and to replace the existing ones.

Just like the supply air vents, you may have undersized, blocked or dirty return air vents. You need a service technician to inspect them, clean them or replace the undersized vents.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system needs an annual tune-up. Even if your HVAC system is new, a tune-up will help change the way the system operates. During the tune-up, a service technician optimizes the system so it runs at its most efficient level.

The professional will also check for any other issues that may slow down your HVAC, including dirty filters. Your air filters should be replaced every 90 days or sooner, if needed. If the filter is dirty, it impedes the flow of air. Besides regular maintenance, you need an efficient system. An HVAC technician can help you choose an efficient system.

Using a Ventilator

You can improve airflow by using an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). These devices cycle out the stale air in your home and bring in fresh air. This ensures that there’s a consistent flow of quality air in your home.

Besides enhancing airflow, these devices also lower the humidity of your home to keep your living space comfortable. The device can also trap energy from the outgoing air and use the energy to pre-condition the incoming air. This’ll ensure that your HVAC system has less stress and uses less energy.

If your system suffers poor airflow, you need a professional to check it out and to correct any existing airflow problems. Call Climatemakers for air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation services in Virginia Beach, VA. We also offer indoor air quality to keep your home comfortable and enhance the efficiency of your system.

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