4 Causes of Uneven Cooling in Your Chesapeake, VA Home

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When summer hits Chesapeake, VA, you want your AC to cool your home efficiently as well as evenly, with no warm spots to deal with. Unfortunately, lack of AC maintenance and other issues can lead to uneven cooling, as you’ll read below.

1. Clogged Filter

Every homeowner should be replacing the air filter in their HVAC system every two to three months. Dirt and debris will enter the system, coat the evaporator coil and hinder the removal of heat from the air. The result will be widely varying temperatures between your rooms.

2. Leaky Ducts

Not many homeowners have had their ducts sealed, but it’s something that most HVAC companies can handle. Even sealed ducts, though, can develop holes and cracks. The upshot is a decrease in cool air.

3. Poorly Insulated Attic

Wall insulation in your attic can have a big part to play in how efficiently your AC cools your home. If some portions of the insulation are old or damaged, then the rooms that they surround will retain the cool air for a shorter time or not at all.

4. Oversized or Undersized AC

When you had your last AC installation done, it could be that the company put in an oversized or undersized system. Either mistake will lead to uneven cooling as a consequence. To be specific, both types of systems may cool the central portion of your home well enough but leave the farthest rooms warm.

A Proud Family-Run Business

Climatemakers can help you avoid uneven cooling and other issues with a yearly maintenance visit in Chesapeake, VA, so give us a call today if you’re interested. You can trust us because we employ NATE-certified technicians on our team and can maintain any brand or model of AC. Established in 2013, our company is family owned and operated and focuses on providing professional work every time.

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