Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes With Your Heat Pump in Norfolk, VA

man changing thermostat

A heat pump is a common heating solution in many households in Norfolk, VA. They are eco-friendly and operate efficiently to help you save on utility bills. However, you can make the following mistakes when handling your heating system.

1. Skipping Preventive Maintenance

Your heat pump requires routine servicing to operate efficiently. Always schedule preventive maintenance with a professional. During a tune-up, the expert inspects the entire system to identify and fix small issues before they escalate to more serious concerns.

If the issues are major, you will incur more costs repairing them in the future. Or worse, the damage may lead to system breakdown, prompting premature replacement.

Experts recommend that you service your heat pump at least once per year. Routine servicing is essential since it enhances your system’s efficiency and helps lower energy bills.

2. Avoiding Prompt Heat Pump Repairs

Call a professional immediately if you notice any issues. Technicians will perform prompt repairs to prevent more serious concerns.

If you decide to postpone fixing the issue, the damage could increase, creating a more expensive repair. This could end up reducing your heat pump’s life expectancy.

3. Attempting DIY Repairs

It’s easier to access information today than before. You might decide to use online tutorials to fix issues in your heating system. However, this isn’t advisable because it can create various problems.

For instance, you may misdiagnose an issue and repair the wrong parts, causing more damage. You will also void the manufacturer’s warranty.

To claim the warranty, your contractor must provide professional proof of service. Heat pump repairs require specialized tools, which aren’t available in most home stores. Always leave repairs to skilled technicians.

4. Failing to Change the Heat Pump Filter Regularly

Heat pump filters are essential in preventing dust and debris. Over time, these particles accumulate on the filters, forming clogs. Blockages diminish airflow, and the system has to work harder to attain the set temperature.

The extra force may cause damage to some system components, leading to inefficiency and high energy bills. Check and clean filters frequently. Replacing them every two to three months is best.

5. Ignoring Unusual Noises

Normally, the heat pump operates relatively quietly. This makes it easier to notice any strange sounds coming from the system. The weird noises your system may produce include humming, due to electrical issues or a malfunctioning fan motor.

It may also produce banging noises if some components are loose. Continual use of the system in this condition causes additional damage. Switching it off and calling your contractor is the recommended solution.

A hissing sound indicates the refrigerant is low. Call professional technicians immediately if you hear any awkward sounds coming from your system. They will inspect the cause of the problem and determine whether it’s repairable or if you need a replacement part.

6. Changing the Temperature Setting Often

Do you change the temperature often, or every time you leave the house? This is a mistake that may interfere with the functioning of your heating system. A heat pump operates efficiently if you set a particular temperature and leave it there.

To avoid frequent changes, opt for a smart thermostat. It will help regulate the temperature for you.

7. Using an Incorrectly Sized Heat Pump

Don’t assume that a big heating system is efficient for your home. Your heat pump should match the size and specific features of your house.

If the unit is too large for your space, it warms some parts of the house faster than others. This creates uneven temperatures that hinder your comfort.

A small unit, on the other hand, runs for an extended period to meet your family’s heating needs. Running for longer time increases the system’s energy consumption, causing high utility bills. In addition, it strains the unit’s components, resulting in damage.

Maintaining your home comfort can be challenging unless you have a trusted and reliable heating company. We provide quality services to create a comfortable environment throughout the year. Contact Climatemakers for heat pump repair and maintenance services in Norfolk, VA and the surrounding areas.

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