3 Tips for Making Your AC Last Longer

Outdoor AC Unit

Summer is coming, and things are heating up in Virginia Beach, VA. Homeowners like you spend a lot of time inside your home during the summer, and you want to keep it cool and comfortable for your family. Since your central air conditioner is one of the most complex parts of your home, here’s what it takes to make your AC last longer.

1. Change HVAC Filters Regularly

Your air filters trap dust, pet dander and pollutants whenever you run your central AC. This protects your air conditioner and also improves air quality. But when filters clog with dust, your AC has to work much harder to do its job, creating extra wear and tear and increasing cooling costs.

One of the best things you can do to extend your AC’s lifespan and prevent expensive repairs is to change out your HVAC air filters regularly. Most manufacturers recommend changing filters every 90 days, but your household’s needs may require more frequent filter replacement.

2. Eliminate Air Leaks

Your home’s central HVAC system works most efficiently within a closed, sealed system. When you have hot air from outside your home sneaking in around windows and doors, your AC needs to work much harder to keep your family cool. The same problem results when you have air leaks in your air ducts, allowing cool air to escape before reaching all the rooms in your house.

Cleaning and sealing your ductwork as needed allows conditioned air to reach every room of your home efficiently. This helps your air conditioner cool your home faster with less run time, which helps your AC components last longer.

3. Get an Annual AC Tune-Up

A properly installed and maintained HVAC system can last for a decade or more. But failing to keep up with annual maintenance can greatly reduce the life of your AC and lead to more frequent breakdowns.

If your AC needs a tune-up, contact Climatemakers of VA today so that we can inspect your unit from top to bottom with our 42-point AC maintenance checklist and alert you to any potential problems. Let’s keep your AC running smoothly for years to come.