Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover HVAC Issues in Norfolk, VA?

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Occasional HVAC issues are inevitable, but severe ones can be particularly expensive to resolve. That being the case, homeowners in Norfolk, VA may be curious about whether their homeowner’s insurance policies will offer them any help in this area. Here’s what you need to know about when homeowner’s insurance does and does not cover HVAC problems.

What It Covers

Though there may be a great many variations between homeowner’s insurance policies, typically, they cover damage that results to your home from any kind of disaster or peril. Storms and natural catastrophes like hurricanes, fires and falling trees (floods usually have their own category of separate insurance) fall under this umbrella, as does any damage inflicted on your home through criminal acts like robberies. Depending on the details of your policy, it may cover certain kinds of accidental damage to your home as well.

How does this relate to your HVAC system? The first thing to note is that for your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the cost of your HVAC issues, those issues must bear some connection to the general damage that your home sustains from sources like the ones above. Secondly, to qualify for coverage, your HVAC system must form an integral part of your home.

What It Doesn’t Cover

According to the second condition, your homeowner’s policy won’t cover devices like space heaters or window-based AC units at all. Furthermore, according to the first condition, the policy will not cover even a central HVAC system if it experiences damage from ordinary aging, overuse or neglect of maintenance. The damage must come directly from some catastrophe.


Another thing to remember is that, when it can cover your HVAC system, homeowner’s insurance typically applies to something that will require extensive labor to resolve. For this reason, it will not pay for your HVAC system’s annual tune-up.

In specific cases, your homeowner’s insurance may cover your HVAC-related mishaps. Call Climatemakers of VA to get reliable heating and air conditioning services near Norfolk, VA.

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