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Cracked Heat Exchangers: Cause & Effect

The Dangers of a Cracked Heat Exchanger

Why is it so important to have your furnace checked and maintained prior to the heating season?

Answer: a cracked heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide into your home.

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How a Heat Exchanger Can Release CO2

After expanding and contracting hundreds of times each year as the furnace cycles “on” and “off”, the metal heat exchanger of a furnace will eventually produce hairline cracks.

Combustion (gas or oil) takes place inside a sealed heat exchanger. The only outlet for the products of combustion is the chimney.

The air to be heated is forced around the exterior of the heat exchanger (by the blower) where it absorbs heat from the hot surface of the exchanger and is delivered into the house.

Fine hairline cracks in the exchanger permit some of the products of combustion (including carbon monoxide) to be absorbed into the air stream and enter the house.

As AGA (American Gas Association) considers only 15 parts per million to be hazardous, the furnace should be immediately turned off.

If your furnace has been diagnosed with a cracked heat exchanger, we offer a free 2nd opinion. Call us today at (757) 600-0422 for details.

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