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Quality AC Controls & Thermostat Options In Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, VA & Surrounding AreasIn Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, VA & Surrounding Areas

Trane Smart Thermostat

Home comfort involves much more than temperature. At Climatemakers, we have HVAC thermostats that provide a range of solutions, putting you on the cutting edge of comfort.

Programmable AC Thermostats

With the advent of programmable AC thermostats, homeowners increased their home comfort and got help with controlling their utility bills. Programmable thermostats enable you to pre-set temperatures based on your schedule, no matter how erratic it might be.

Programming options range from one week (the heating or cooling schedule is the same every day of the week) to seven-day (you can pre-set a plan for each day of the week). The significant advantage of the programmable thermostats that we offer at Climatemakers is that you control your energy consumption. You can reduce consumption while you’re sleeping or away, and have the temperature automatically adjust to your comfort level based on when you arise or return. With this built-in control, you can reduce your fuel bills by up to 10%.

AC Controls Offer Connectivity and Convenience

If you want to boost the benefits of programmable thermostats even further, you might want to consider a connected thermostat. Connected thermostats use Wi-Fi to control temperature, humidity, and a host of other home amenities. Connected AC controls allow you to make adjustments through your smartphone, computer, or any internet-connected device, giving you real-time control over your schedule and weather conditions. If you’re returning home earlier than planned, or a sudden squall drops the temperature, you merely login and make the appropriate temperature adjustments.

The highest level of connectivity is our Trane Nexia system. Nexia monitors your HVAC system, alerting you if there’s a problem or when it’s time for maintenance. With Nexia, you can also control your lighting, locks, and security systems.

Which of Our HVAC Thermostats Is Right for You?

Just as each home is different, so, too, are the lifestyles and preferences of each homeowner. For homeowners who are on-the-go or love technology — and all of the alternatives that come with innovative technology — a connected control provides plenty of benefits, data, and alerts. Homeowners who follow a daily routine or want to set their thermostat and then forget about it might prefer a traditional programmable thermostat.

Our knowledgeable team at Climatemakers will help you explore your options. We’ll explain the advantages of each of the Trane AC thermostats we offer and provide guidance so you can find the thermostat that’s comfortable for your home. When you partner with Climatemakers, you can rely on our experts to provide clarity on a confusing topic.

We install, repair, and maintain HVAC thermostats and stand behind our work with pride. For optimal comfort and convenience, you can trust Climatemakers.

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