Add Years to Your Furnace’s Lifespan in Norfolk, VA

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Furnaces can normally last 15 to 20 years, and you may be able to extend their lifespan beyond two decades with proper care and maintenance. Furnaces in Norfolk, VA, are expensive to buy, so it’s best to invest in proper care and tips to make them last as long as possible. Here are ways to add years to your furnace’s lifespan, lower utility bills, and improve efficiency.

1. Change Furnace Filters Regularly

An easy way to add years to your furnace is to change the air filters every month if you have pets. Furnace air filters prevent pet dander and hair, dirt and other debris from reaching the blower fan. Clogged furnace air filters reduce airflow, forcing the heating system to work harder than it should to heat your home.

When the furnace works harder than it should, the strain can cause overheating. That strain can eventually reduce your furnace’s lifespan. Get in the habit of cleaning or checking your air filters at least monthly and changing when they look dirty.

2. Seasonal Furnace Maintenance

A simple way of extending your furnace lifespan is scheduling fall tune-ups. Your HVAC technician checks your furnace for faulty parts or repairs and cleans it in preparation for winter. Cleaning and seasonal furnace maintenance keeps the system operating efficiently, extending its useful life and improving your indoor air quality.

3. Don’t Postpone Furnace Repairs

Waiting too long to repair a faulty furnace can eventually cause premature breakdowns. Avoid postponing furnace repairs, whether it’s a clogged condensate line, a defective belt or a blower fan motor. Waiting too long to fix defective furnace parts could damage other elements that are more likely to cause wear and tear.

4. Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

If you have lots of air leaks in your home, your furnace will work hard to heat your home. The excess strain on the furnace motor eventually damages the system and decreases its lifespan. The furnace shouldn’t run as often to keep your home at comfortable temperatures if you want to make it last longer.

It’s best to seal any gaps around windows and doors in your home to make it easier for your furnace to heat your space. Another effective way of lengthening your furnace’s lifespan is keeping the areas around the furnace and registers clear. Reduced airflow due to blocked heat registers strains the furnace, decreasing the motor’s life.

5. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

How hard your furnace works can significantly impact its lifespan. If you are away from your home daily for several hours and leave your furnace running, then it’s overworking. You are also likely to shorten its useful life and spend a lot of money on heating bills.

Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to adjust temperatures when you are away from home. That prevents the furnace from overworking or straining. Ultimately, you add more years to the furnace and reduce monthly energy bills.

6. Maintain Set Temperatures

Maintaining set furnace thermostat temperatures can reduce wear and tear on the furnace. Adjusting your thermostat throughout the day can force the furnace to work harder than it should, straining the system. Extend your furnace’s lifespan by keeping a single furnace thermostat setting for a minimum of eight hours daily.

Adding attic insulation can reduce the furnace’s workload during the winter months. The furnace then has a lighter workload to provide comfortable home temperatures. Add years to your furnace by upgrading attic insulation to prepare for winter.

7. Run Ceiling Fans Clockwise

When ceiling fans rotate in a clockwise direction and at low speed, they aid in better circulation of warm air throughout the house. Running ceiling fans clockwise can help reduce winter heating bills and lengthen your furnace’s life.

Adopting these simple steps can help to prevent premature furnace breakdowns or unnecessary repairs. An HVAC upgrade can significantly extend the lifespan of your furnace, so talk to an expert for recommendations. Reach out to us at Climatemakers of VA, where we’re always ready to provide reliable and affordable furnace repair and maintenance services to extend your system’s lifespan.

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