Common Thermostat Mistakes to Avoid in Virginia Beach, VA


The thermostat in your Virginia Beach, VA, home keeps the temperature of your house consistent throughout the day and the season. But there’s a chance that you could inadvertently cause an issue that would interfere with the proper functioning of this important device. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when using your thermostat.

Installing the Thermostat in a Room With Varying Temperatures

Placing your thermostat in a very hot or cold room would interfere with its ability to give accurate readings. This is the main reason that it should be installed in a frequently used room away from doors, windows and the kitchen. This will help the thermostat to read the ambient air temperature correctly and signal the HVAC system to raise or lower it as needed.

Setting the Temperature Too High or Too Low

Many people think that setting the thermostat temperature very high or low will speed up the pace at which the room heats up or cools down. The thermostat’s main role is to control the amount of heating or cooling the HVAC system provides — not how long it takes to reach the desired temperature. Your HVAC system will take the same amount of time to heat or cool your home.

Forgetting to Schedule HVAC Maintenance that Includes the Thermostat

To ensure that your thermostat works efficiently, a technician will need to conduct regular maintenance checks including replacing the batteries, unless it’s hardwired. A thermostat with old batteries will not control the temperature in your home properly. Schedule regular maintenance, which will include calibrating your thermostat, and make sure it stays clean and dust-free.

Our technicians can help you with maintenance and advise you on setting the temperature correctly to keep your thermostat running right. Contact us at Climatemakers for thermostat care and all your other HVAC service needs.

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