Effects of Running an AC That Is Low on Refrigerant in Norfolk, VA

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Residents of Norfolk, VA, depend on their air conditioners to keep them comfortable during the hot, muggy summers. Standard ACs use refrigerant in the evaporator coils to transfer heat outside. If refrigerant levels are too low, it will compromise the efficiency of your cooling system and will affect your home comfort.

Inefficient Operation

A newly installed AC system should arrive with everything it needs to operate properly. Over a few years, leaks caused by normal wear and tear can lead to a loss of refrigerant.

Without the proper refrigerant level, the system must work harder to maintain the right temperature. You may notice that your AC runs more frequently or there are areas in your home that are never as comfortable as you would like.

Increased Utility Bills

When your equipment has to work harder, it will draw more power. You could receive an unpleasant surprise when you look at your next utility bill.

Comparing costs from month to month may give you a clue that there is a problem. If the system costs more to operate this year than last year, it may point to low refrigerant levels.

Unexpected Repairs

Inefficient operation will also impact other parts of your air conditioning system. Your compressor will run more frequently, shortening its operating life. If you find you are frequently calling us for emergency repairs, a refrigerant leak may be the cause.

Seasonal Maintenance for Worry-Free Comfort

The best strategy for avoiding low refrigerant levels is to have a professional perform maintenance on your air conditioner. An experienced technician will examine your condenser coils and find any damage. After repairing the leak and recharging the refrigerant, your system will once again be able to provide cooling comfort in your home.

If you need help to keep your Norfolk, VA, home comfortable this summer, our team is ready to help. Contact Climatemakers of VA today for professional AC repairs and maintenance.

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