5 Reasons to Consider Upgrading to a Ductless AC

Ductless System

As we approach the warm months of summer, you may find yourself debating whether to upgrade the air conditioning in your home. If you’re considering a ductless AC system in Portsmouth, VA, there are many reasons to choose this type over a traditional system.

1. Flexibility

It doesn’t require any ductwork, making it easier to install than a traditional system. This also makes it ideal for use in areas where there’s limited space or some obstructions that would make installing ductwork difficult or impossible.

2. Ductless Systems Are Quiet

Instead of large fans, ductless ACs use electronic components that run silently and efficiently. This process is much quieter than most other systems, as there are no fans or compressors inside the home that operate at high speeds and generate noise. This makes them perfect for apartments, condos and other spaces where noise can be an issue, such as libraries or offices.

3. Energy Efficiency

Ductless air conditioners are also more efficient because they don’t waste energy by cooling the air that travels through ducts before reaching your room.

4. Better for the Environment

In recent years, climate change has become increasingly important to many people. Ductless air conditioners produce less carbon dioxide than their predecessors, so they’re better for those who want to limit their environmental impact.

5. Easy Maintenance

Ductless air conditioners are extremely easy to maintain, even for people who aren’t very handy. In addition, you can easily clean up around the unit if it gets dirty since there are no ducts.

Ductless air conditioners are ideal for homeowners remodeling their homes or living in condos. Contact us at Climatemakers if you need help upgrading your AC system in Portsmouth, VA.