Ask These 6 Questions When Choosing an HVAC Company

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Your heating and cooling equipment is a complex system with many intricate components. An improper installation can reduce the HVAC system’s efficiency and shorten its lifespan. Here are six questions to ask an HVAC company in Portsmouth, VA.

1. Do You Have License and Insurance?

HVAC system companies must have a license to install heating and cooling equipment in Virginia. According to the Building Code of Virginia, an applicant must have five years of industry experience to get a license.

Companies must also renew their licenses every three years after taking a test about the current HVAC system technologies. The tests confirm that the heating and cooling services company has the requisite skill and experience to install your AC.

Manufacturers are aware of the significance of the license to the life of your HVAC system. That’s why many brands will turn down your warranty claim for component replacement.

Also, inquire about the company’s insurance. An insured AC services company will protect you from liabilities if an accident occurs on your premises.

2. Do You Do Sizing Calculations Before Installation?

Before choosing an HVAC company, ask if it performs load calculations during a new installation. Load calculations analyze various aspects of your home to determine the precise capacity of your air conditioning system.

A poorly sized system may keep running continuously or shut on and off intermittently. Proper sizing maintains indoor comfort by mixing air in rooms, adjusting temperatures and regulating humidity.

Licensed technicians will also evaluate the insulation around the building. The proper insulation grade will reduce the loads even when temperatures hit over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Portsmouth, VA.

3. What Are Your Company’s Training, Experience and Certifications?

Besides license and insurance, inquire about industry certifications, associations and experience. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is one of the most reputable organizations offering certifications. NATE conducts tests for HVAC technicians to verify their knowledge and expertise.

Industry associations may include ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) and Qualified Gas Contractor of Virginia. Associations ensure HVAC system technicians stay current about the latest technologies.

Associations hold members accountable to a strict code of conduct. Climatemakers, a Qualified Gas Contractor in Portsmouth, will ensure your installation adheres to the highest industry standards.

4. What High-Efficiency HVAC System Would You Recommend?

Manufacturers of HVAC systems are continually developing new technologies to optimize your home’s comfort. Our heating and cooling specialists can guide you when choosing geothermal heat pumps, ductless air conditioners or smart thermostats.

You can reduce the running costs of your AC system by installing a geothermal heat pump. Despite the name, geothermal systems are just as effective at cooling your home in the spring as they are heating your home in the winter. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can reduce your home’s energy consumption by 25% or more.

You may also want to upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can learn your heating and cooling patterns and adjust the temperatures accordingly. By regulating temperatures accurately, the system avoids energy waste and reduces your utility bills.

5. What Is Your Availability and Installation Timeline?

The time it takes for the HVAC system installation may vary between companies. Generally speaking, it can last from a few hours to several days. It also depends on the scale and complexity of the project.

Ask if the company is available around the clock for cooling services. You may need additional services after installation, such as AC maintenance. You can call the Climatemakers team for emergency AC services.

6. Do You Have Discounts or Specials?

Replacing your HVAC system is a significant investment that requires careful consideration. As you shop around for a certified HVAC system service, find out if the company has discounts and specials.

We offer discounts for military and seniors, repairs and replacements. You can also request free estimates for our services.

As a BBB company with an A+ rating, our goal is to provide outstanding AC system replacement services in Portsmouth. You can talk to our team to find out how you a ductless AC can benefit your home. Contact Climatemakers today for flat-rate pricing and timely AC installation services in Portsmouth, VA.

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