Why Is My Thermostat in Recovery Mode in Chesapeake, VA?

man changing thermostat

Your thermostat is the brains of your Chesapeake, VA home’s HVAC system. In addition to telling your system when to heat and cool your home, your thermostat also has a feature known as “recovery mode.” Learn more about this recovery mode and why your thermostat has a recovery mode notification on its screen below.

What Is Recovery Mode?

At its core, the recovery mode on your thermostat is an efficiency booster. Older digital thermostats allow you to set a temperature and a time for your HVAC system to start running. When the set time arrives, it tells the system to get your home to the set temperature.

Smart thermostats use recovery mode to take this feature further. Rather than only turning on at the time you have set, a thermostat in recovery mode turns on your HVAC system earlier so that your home is already at the right temperature when that time arrives. This allows your HVAC system to use far less energy.

Everything Is Probably Fine

From this description of recovery mode, you should draw one conclusion: There’s probably nothing wrong with your thermostat if it enters this mode. In all likelihood, it’s working as normal and is simply trying to create a comfortable indoor environment for you.

But What if It Isn’t?

Nevertheless, it’s still possible that something may indeed be wrong. If it is going into recovery mode improperly, many different things could be wrong.

The thermostat itself may have wiring issues that cause it to malfunction and send improper commands to your HVAC system. Your HVAC system may be short-cycling because of poor airflow, faulty fans or other issues that call for professional repair services.

Most of the time, a thermostat in recovery mode is nothing to worry about. During the rare moments when this does present a problem, call us at Climatemakers of VA for the best thermostat services in Chesapeake, VA.

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