Why Does My Home Have Inconsistent Airflow?

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If your Virginia Beach, VA, home suffers from inconsistent airflow, it’s natural to wonder why. There are plenty of things that can cause such problems. Here are a few of the most common causes of inconsistent airflow.

Closed Vents or Registers

Ordinarily, any properly designed HVAC system should have no trouble maintaining proper airflow in your home. However, your HVAC can only do that if you leave its vents and registers always open. Closing vents can starve your HVAC of return air, forcing it to work harder and making your airflow suffer.

Dirty or Damaged Ductwork

Your HVAC also relies on its ducts to carry air around your home. If your ductwork gets excessively dirty or suffers damage, it could lead to inconsistent airflow in your home. You should have your home’s ducts cleaned and inspected periodically to preserve proper airflow throughout your home.

Doing this will also protect your home’s indoor air quality and preserve your HVAC’s efficiency. Damaged ductwork can cause massive energy losses that result in higher energy bills. Plus, damaged ducts may end up straining your HVAC to the point that it suffers a failure.

Dirty HVAC Filters

As air flows through your HVAC system, it passes through an air filter that removes dust, dirt and debris. However, if you don’t change your HVAC air filter often enough, it will get dirty and prevent proper airflow. On average, you will need a new air filter every three months to prevent that from happening.

Neglected Maintenance

Finally, an HVAC in need of maintenance can be the cause of your home’s airflow inconsistency. To work well, your HVAC needs periodic maintenance to keep it clean, lubricated, and functional. You should schedule an HVAC maintenance visit twice each year before the heating and cooling seasons.

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