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Virginia Beach Duct Services

Keeping Your Ductwork in Excellent Condition

Ductwork is typically hidden away in your attic or crawlspace, which means that you don't see it on a regular basis if at all. It could be damaged or leaking without you even realizing it.

At Climatemakers, we offer reliable ductwork services in Virginia Beach, providing thorough duct inspections and repairs. We also provide our own customized replacement ductwork system if needed. We can help you identify and resolve any concern your ductwork may be causing you, leading to a cleaner home and more efficient HVAC operation.

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Signs Your Ducts Are Leaky or Damaged

If you have begun to notice your HVAC system isn't running efficiently but heating and cooling inspections have not found any problems, the issue may be with your ductwork. With 65 years of experience in the HVAC industry, our team knows exactly what to look for.

A few signs that your ducts may be damaged or leaky include:

  • Higher utility bills, especially in summer/winter
  • Difficulty heating or cooling certain rooms
  • Stuffiness in certain rooms
  • Visible kinks or tangles in flexible ducts

Schedule an Appointment for Duct Services

Whether you have seen visible issues with your ductwork or simply suspect a problem, we can help. Our Virginia Beach ductwork technicians have helped customers all over Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and the surrounding areas resolve problems within their duct systems.

Leaks are a significant waste of energy and can also force contaminated air into your home. This means that your indoor air quality may be reduced and you may be breathing in a number of contaminants. As a customer-focused business, Climatemakers wants to ensure that your ducts are in optimal condition. Once we find problems with your ductwork, we can seal or provide our own customized replacement ductwork system to help eliminate the problems you may be experiencing.

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