3 Reasons to Clear Snow and Ice From Your Heat Pump

snowy hvac unit

Heat pumps are impressive devices, capable of finding and moving heat even when temperatures dip into the 30’s. But even heat pumps can’t do their job when they’re covered in snow and ice. This list explains why it’s important to keep your heat pump clear when wintery conditions hit Portsmouth, VA.

1. Snow and Ice Block Airflow

A heat pump needs a constant supply of air to draw from. Heat pumps with blocked air streams can’t pull in as much heat from the surrounding air. This decreases your home’s heating efficiency and increases your utility bills.

Your heat pump has systems in place to take care of itself during the cold. However, frozen components and blocked airflow mean its defrost cycle won’t function properly.

2. Unimpeded Heat Pumps Live Longer

When snow or ice restricts airflow, it forces your heat pump to work harder. This causes wear on the machine and can quickly lead to damaged parts. Accelerating wear and tear is never a good thing, especially in winter when you need your heating system most.

3. Snow and Ice Buildup

When you don’t make a habit of clearing your heat pump, snow and ice will build up over time. This can quickly snowball out of control and lead to ice dams. Once this happens, you’re at risk for potentially expensive repair jobs.

If your heat pump has layers of ice, you should call for professional help. Chiseling away the buildup can easily result in damage to the system’s more delicate parts. Have an HVAC expert repair your system right away.

Some Heat Pump Problems Are Hard to Detect

Even when winter in Portsmouth, VA, is mild, it’s important to schedule preventive maintenance. Our experts will ensure your system is in top shape and ready for any season. If you’re experiencing HVAC problems or it’s been a while since your last tune-up, contact us at Climatemakers for a maintenance check at your earliest convenience.

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