5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Thermostat in Norfolk, VA


With a wide range of temperatures common in Norfolk, VA, a functioning thermostat is key to keeping your home at a comfortable baseline. If your HVAC system has been acting up, it might be time to consider a replacement. In this article, we tell you some common signs that your thermostat needs replacing.

The Temperature Is Off

One sign of a faulty thermostat is a temperature gauge that isn’t calibrated well. It may say it’s 82 degrees in your home when in reality, it’s only 74. This creates strange temperature shifts and a home that’s never the temperature you want it to be.

Your HVAC System Powers Itself On and Off

If your furnace or air conditioner keeps turning on and off at random, it’s likely due to a miscommunication between your thermostat and the unit, probably due to a faulty or loose wire.

Your Thermostat Is Unresponsive

Trying to change the temperature, but your controller isn’t communicating with your HVAC system? It’s likely time for a replacement. Call in an expert technician to be sure.

Your Energy Bills Rise

High energy bills come from HVAC problems, either due to lack of maintenance or possibly with the thermostat. A faulty controller often puts the HVAC system into overdrive, causing it to short cycle. This jacks up your energy costs and is a huge red flag that your system needs a check-up.

You Don’t Know How Old Your Thermostat Is

If you’ve been living in your home for more than a handful of years and don’t remember the last time the thermostat was replaced, consider getting an upgrade. Most models have a lifespan of a decade or so, though a replacement may happen sooner if faults appear.

A faulty or outdated controllers cost you money and makes keeping your home comfortable harder than it needs to be. If you’re in need of a new programmable thermostat, give us a call at Climatemakers today!

Image provided by iStock