Does Your Heat Pump Have a Refrigerant Leak in Virginia Beach, VA?

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Heat pumps are highly efficient HVAC systems that can deliver both heating and cooling. No matter the season, they need refrigerant to move air and ensure your home stays comfortable. Your heat pump may be low on refrigerant if you notice any of these warning signs in Virginia Beach, VA.

Gurgling or Moving Water Sounds

Heat pump refrigerant leaks usually result in a noticeable gurgling noise. This comes from air bubbles released as the refrigerant leaks out of the damaged pipe.

Low refrigerant levels put extra stress on the system, especially its compressor. This can increase your need for maintenance.

Pools of Liquid

It’s best to casually inspect your external unit about once a month. Keep an eye out for any pooling liquid below or around your heat pump. This chemical can harm your yard as well as your children and pets.

Low Cooling Output

Your heat pump’s refrigerant absorbs heat from inside the home and moves it outside. The chemical moves back and forth through a closed loop, constantly changing between a liquid and gas state. This process repeats during a cooling cycle until your home reaches your desired temperature.

Without enough refrigerant, you’ll notice a lack of cooling that leaves your home too warm. This reversing refrigeration process is one of the key reasons heat pumps are more efficient than traditional HVAC systems.

Visible Icing

When the system can’t generate enough cool air, frost will slowly begin forming on the evaporator coils. This ice creates a barrier between any refrigerant left and the air, which forces the system to waste more energy. Even if you’re using your system normally, you’ll still experience higher bills and increased wear and tear.

The moment you spot signs of low refrigerant in your heat pump, call for repairs soon before you lose cooling entirely. Contact the family-owned Climatemakers of VA for heat pump service in Virginia Beach, VA.

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