HVAC Upgrades That Can Boost Your Norfolk, VA Home’s Value

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Whenever you renovate your Norfolk, VA home, you should choose upgrades that maximize the return on your investment. HVAC upgrades usually prove to be smart, safe investments that boost your home value, but you need to know the specific ones that are most likely to pay off in the long run. Learning about seven upgrades that can boost your home’s value and prove worthwhile can help you start this process.

1. Windows

Highly insulated walls in your home don’t work well if the windows let energy move through them. Upgrading low-caliber windows to double- or triple-paned models can recover a lot of lost energy costs and boost your home value at the same time. Home shoppers at all spending levels rank energy efficiency as one of the most important features to have in the home they finally buy, so it tops this list of upgrades worth considering.

2. Central Air

If your home doesn’t already have central air, you should install a system before you sell it. The overwhelming majority of home buyers actively shopping for their next residence assume that central HVAC will be a standard feature, so they might lose interest in your house if it doesn’t have it. Central HVAC installation can be expensive, but some experts say it might boost your home value by as much as 10%.

3. Roofing

Your home’s roof protects the people and possessions underneath it and works as a crucial insulator. If your roofing materials are inefficient, your home can lose up to one-quarter of its cooling as heat comes in. Modern roofing shingles feature high technology that can minimize the workload on your HVAC system and keep your household more comfortable, and your home’s next owners will love learning about that when they buy.

4. Air Ducts

If you replace an older HVAC system with something newer and more efficient, consider upgrading the ductwork to match it, if needed. Many ductwork installations can last up to 25 years, but some start deteriorating after 15. Aspiring homeowners look for houses that won’t need serious renovations anytime soon, so if your home needs new ductwork along with new AC and that doesn’t look feasible, consider adding a
ductless AC system.

5. Doors

Roofing, walls and windows can leak energy out of your home, but your doors also need inspection for potential upgrades. Energy-efficient doors can help lower utility bills while boosting home value, and vinyl, fiberglass and steel options can all provide the effectiveness you’re looking for in renovations. While you’re at it, remember to have weather stripping repaired or replaced.

6. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat lets you control how your home uses energy by regulating interior temperatures, and people shopping for homes get used to seeing them in most properties they visit. Home appraisers increasingly include smart technology when calculating a home’s value, and consumers have demonstrated a willingness to spend more for a house with contemporary options. Smart thermostats might cost a few hundred dollars to buy and install, but they can provide a great selling point.

7. Insulation

Inferior insulation can drive up your home’s utility bills, but replacing it can be a simple fix. This investment only carries a little risk, and it delivers an ROI of 100% or more. Walls that get insulated properly allow a home to retain its cool air without letting outside heat in during the warmer months, and prospective homeowners appreciate knowing they won’t have to address this after buying a house.

Boosting your property value with HVAC upgrades gives you more equity in your home and helps you get more money when you sell. While you need to pick the upgrades that boost your home value the most, HVAC enhancements align well with what prospective buyers look for on the open market. Contact Climatemakers of VA for a HVAC installation or other upgrades for your home.

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