Why Does My Thermostat Have a Blank Screen in Portsmouth, VA?

woman with thermostat

Your thermostat’s screen is your HVAC lifeline, and if the screen doesn’t work, you’re not going to be able to control the heating, cooling or fan systems. If you’re in Portsmouth, VA and find your thermostat screen is blank, chances are it’s a simple issue, but that’s not always the case. Here are several potential reasons your thermostat’s screen is blank.

Thermostat Might Be Off

The simplest problem (and one that’s way more common than you might realize) is that the thermostat just isn’t on. You may have turned it off by accident; try switching it on again.

A variation of this cause is that the screen brightness isn’t up. Again, you could have turned it down by accident, or someone else in the household may have done so. If you have brightness controls available, try increasing the brightness.

Batteries Could Be Dead

If the screen still isn’t working, the next thing to do is try changing the batteries. (Some thermostats do not use batteries.) You should have gotten a low-battery warning on the screen before the batteries fully failed. However, if you had programmed your thermostat and then left it alone for several days, you would have missed the warning.

Thermostat Could Need Replacing

If the above issues aren’t the case, it is possible that the thermostat itself is in need of replacing. These don’t last forever, and if the circuitry is old, it could have failed. This device is something that you want to leave for an HVAC repair person to look at and replace.

Overheated and Tripped a Circuit or Limit Switch

Thermostats connect to two switches that could make the power to the thermostat shut off. One is a limiting switch that engages and cuts off the power to the system if it starts to overheat. The other is your home’s electrical panel, and the circuit breaker could have tripped.

Check your home’s panel; if the switch has tripped, you can try resetting it. But if it trips again or if the breaker switch appears normal, call an HVAC repair company for a system inspection.

Wiring May Be Loose or Door May Be Open

Finally, two loose items may be the culprit. One is loose wiring in the thermostat, and that requires professional repair. The other is that the furnace door (if it’s in use) may not be completely closed. You can take a look and try closing the door, but if that doesn’t help, it’s time to call the professionals.

If you’ve found that you can’t get the screen to come back on, call us at Climatemakers of VA, located in Portsmouth, VA. You’ll want a thorough inspection and fast repair so that you can once again control how comfortable your home is as the seasons change.

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