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5 Sounds Your Virginia Beach Water Heater Might Make

May 9, 2020

When the water heater in your Virginia Beach, VA home starts making noises, it’s likely trying to tell you something. Here are a few sounds your water heater might make and what they mean.

Sizzling or Hissing

If your system is making a sizzling or hissing sound, it could be leaking. Check the area around the system to see if there is any water on the ground, but be aware that even if you don’t find water, you might still have a leak. The sizzling sound is likely leaking water heating your heater’s burners. There are some DIY plumbing tasks you can take on yourself, but if you aren’t 100 percent confident you can fix the issue, defer to the professionals.

Popping Noises in the Water Heater

This is likely one of the most common sounds a water heater makes. When your system makes popping sounds, it may be due to sediments that have built up on the bottom of the tank. Over time, this sediment buildup can damage your system. The sound is from water getting trapped under the buildup. A service technician can flush out these mineral and sediment buildups.


If your gas-fueled water heater is making crackling sounds, it’s likely due to the burner evaporating condensation. This is most often a natural occurrence and isn’t cause for alarm.

Knocking or Banging

Knocking or banging sounds are a sign of “water hammer.” Water hammer is when water reverses direction in your pipes after its flow is cut off. This isn’t a problem with your system, but it often gets the blame for it. However, water hammer is dangerous for your home’s pipes and can cause damage.

Screeching from the Water Heater

If you hear screeching, it might be because its water flow is restricted. Make sure your valves are open or call a technician to investigate the sound to ensure your system is clear of blockage. Call Climatemakers today and we’ll get to the bottom of all your water heater issues.

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