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Why Does Thermostat Placement Matter in Virginia Beach, VA?

February 20, 2023

A thermostat is crucial in heating and cooling your home in Virginia Beach, VA. Its positioning makes a difference in maintaining home comfort. Below are the reasons why thermostat placement in the house matters.

Ensures Accurate Temperature Reading

To ensure HVAC efficiency, the thermostat should respond accurately to the temperatures in your home. If you place it in the wrong position, it displays an inaccurate temperature reading, compromising the system’s performance.

For instance, placing it near the kitchen or close to warm equipment makes the temperature higher than it is. Accordingly, if the HVAC system is on, it may turn off before the area is cool enough. Placing it away from too hot or cold spots will help prevent ghost readings.

Prevents Inconsistent Temperatures

You always want to ensure consistent temperatures throughout your home. The best location is the common room or a central location.

If you place it in a different location, such as an area that receives direct sunlight, it will display the wrong readings. Your HVAC system will receive incorrect readings, leading to uneven temperatures in your home. Furthermore, placement in direct sunlight destroys the thermostat as the casing becomes cloudy and parts can overheat.

Reduces Energy Consumption

It’s no doubt that you always want to reduce utility bills at home. You can achieve this by ensuring the thermostat is in the right position.

When the thermostat is in a cooler area, it detects lower temperatures. As a result, the heating system will run for an extended period to meet your set temperature. This translates to more energy consumption and high utility bills and perhaps overheated or over-cooled rooms. Installing it in the right place helps reduce energy expenses.

We are the go-to company if you’re searching for a trusted and reliable HVAC company. Our technicians are NATE certified and have extensive experience maintaining home comfort throughout the year. Contact Climatemakers for thermostat installation services in Virginia Beach, VA and the surrounding areas.

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