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Climatemakers Total Comfort System

Comprehensive HVAC Systems in Virginia Beach

The Climatemakers Total Comfort System gives you the ability to control all of the elements of the air within your home. To do this you must be able to control the temperature, the humidity, and the quality of the air within your home, whenever and wherever you want.

This requires six things:

  • A heating system: Variable speed, high-efficiency heating systems add temperature to the air.
  • A humidifier: Dry air costs you money and is unhealthy. A humidifier automatically adds moisture to the air when needed.
  • A programmable thermostat: Experience the luxury of controlling temperatures to suit your lifestyle.
  • An air cleaner: Breathe easier with an electronic air cleaner that removes impurities and pollutants from the air.
  • A cooling system: Enjoy relief from excessive temperatures and humidity with new technology cooling systems.
  • Zoning: Enhance your comfort – zoning enables you to heat and cool any area you want so that every room will be in the “comfort zone.”

Each of these adds a different but necessary aspect to the temperature, comfort, and cleanliness of your home, which equates to your total comfort.

The following diagram is one application of a Climatemakers Total Comfort System:


A - Condensing Unit
B - Fan Coil or Air Handling Unit
C - Return Air Ductwork
D - Low Wall Return Air Filter Grille
E - Secondary (Emergency) Drain Pan
F - Programmable Thermostat
G - Supply Air Plenum
H - Supply Air Duct
I - Ceiling Supply
J - Pre-casted Equipment Pad
K - Electrical Service Disconnect
L - Downspout Enclosure
M - Refrigerant Tubing
N - Fan Coil Support System

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Why Invest in a Climatemakers Total Comfort System

This system is a combination of comfort and efficiency. It consists of a matching furnace and air conditioner (or heat pump and fan coil) that are high efficiency and come with variable speed. These units can run on low speed 80% of the time, delivering greater comfort, fewer drafts, smaller temperature fluctuations, and more consistent heating and cooling throughout your home while substantially reducing your fuel bills.

With a Total Comfort System, no room will be too hard to heat or cool. The temperatures throughout your home will conform to your lifestyle. Plus, up to 95% of airborne particles will be removed, providing a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your family.

The Virginia Beach heating and cooling experts at Climatemakers are here to help you maintain control over your HVAC units for optimal comfort. We look forward to helping you live more comfortably all year long.

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