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How to Make Your Heat Pump Last Longer in Norfolk, VA

Heat Pump Located In The Back Yard

Your heat pump cannot heat and cool your Norfolk, VA house efficiently forever. However, there are practices you can adopt to help the system maintain its performance. Below, we will explore a few tips for making your heat pump last longer.

Don’t Ignore Unusual Signs

When there is a malfunctioning component in your heat pump, the system may operate abnormally or give a signal. For instance, a faulty compressor makes the outdoor component vibrate when starting, insufficient lubrication on the moving parts causes grinding noises and refrigerant leaks can cause a hissing or gurgling noise.

Whenever you detect anything unusual from your heat pump, request a professional to inspect it immediately. The technician will repair the problem before it turns into a more complex and costly situation.

Schedule Maintenance Services

Just as other items in your home need regular maintenance, so does your heat pump. A well-maintained HVAC system regulates your indoor temperature and does not break down often or consume too much energy.

A maintenance service involves lubricating moving parts, cleaning all parts, fixing loose connections and replacing worn-out parts. These procedures prevent the system from overworking, thus reducing wear and tear.

Change Your Air Filter

When an air filter traps pollutants for a long time, they accumulate on it and clog it. A clogged filter hinders air from traveling through the heat pump freely.

Consequently, your system works extra hard, trying to draw enough air. Replace your air filter every two to three months to prevent your system from straining.

Avoid DIY Repairs

When your HVAC system breaks down, you may decide to repair it by yourself to save on repair costs. If you are not a trained professional, you have a higher likelihood of damaging the system while working on it. Always leave repairs to professionals, no matter how easy they may seem.

When you take care of your HVAC system, it will take care of you for a longer period. Our team will respond quickly to address any concerns. Call Climatemakers of VA for quality heating repair services whenever your heat pump develops issues in Norfolk, VA.

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